On the evening of July 8, 2024, the Colorado Rockies will go head-to-head with the Cincinnati Reds at Great American Ball Park, commencing at 7:10 PM under partially cloudy skies.

Ryan Feltner, with a current ERA of 5.596, will lead the pitching for the Rockies, while Andrew Abbott, bearing a stronger ERA of 3.281, will mount the mound for the Reds. In the standings within the 2024 NL West Division, the Rockies lag behind with a 14th placement, having secured 32 wins against 58 defeats, reflecting a .36 winning percentage. They are ranked 5th within their division, with a record of 10-17. Their previous 10 games show 5 wins, although they are emerging from a loss. The team shows stronger performance in night games with 20 victories, versus 12 in day encounters. They have a scoring record of 373 while conceding 522 runs.

Turning our focus to the Cincinnati Reds placed 11th in the NL Central Division, the team holds a brighter record of 42-48 that translates into a .47 winning percentage. Positioned 4th in their division, they have a slightly better divisional record of 12-14. Like the Rockies, they too have managed 5 wins in their recent 10 games, but are currently on a losing streak of three games. The Reds show a balanced record at home and on the road, with particular strength in night games where they have tallied 26 victories. They have accumulated 382 runs while yielding 368.

As for the betting perspective, the odds set a point spread at -1.5 and an over/under at 9.5. The money line odds favor the home team, the Cincinnati Reds, at -181, while the visiting Rockies stand at +154. These figures suggest that the Reds are favored to win, likely influenced by their relatively stronger ERA and recent performance at home, indicating a potential edge in this matchup.