On the evening of June 22, 2024, at 9:10 PM, the Washington Nationals are set to compete against the Colorado Rockies at Coors Field under a sky with few clouds. Leading the charge for the Nationals from the pitcher’s mound will be Mitchell Parker, who carries an impressive ERA of 3.059. His counterpart from the Rockies will be Cal Quantrill, who enters the game with a 3.429 ERA. In the standings for the 2024 NL East Division, the Nationals are in 7th place, with a breadth of 35 victories and 36 losses, giving them a winning percentage of .49. Their division performance includes 14 wins against 10 defeats, ranking them 3rd in their group. The team is trending positively with 8 wins in their recent set of 10 games, and they are riding a three-game winning streak. Their home record stands at 16-17 and their away record at 19-19, with performances split fairly evenly between day (17 wins) and night games (18 wins). So far, they have scored 289 runs and conceded 298. Meanwhile, the Rockies are placed 14th within the NL West Division with a record of 25 wins and 47 losses, indicating a .35 win percentage. They hold the last position in their division with a 9-15 record against division opponents. Their recent form shows 3 victories in the last 10 outings, currently holding a losing streak of two. Their home and away splits show they have struggled more on the road with 11-27 compared to a slightly better 14-20 at home. During day games, they’ve only secured 9 wins, whereas their night game record is slightly better with 16 wins. The Rockies have managed to accumulate 303 runs, but they have a higher conceded run total at 418.